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Bulandshahr Police Commits Contempt of Standing Directions of Supreme Court

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New Delhi – 14th August, 2014



Lawfully Wedded Husband Made Kidnapper – Wife Made Minor – Husband Sent To Jail – Wife To Naari Niketan.

Love Commandos Demands Suspension And Arrest Of Responsible And Supervisory Officials And Registration Of Case Against Them.

In a shocking incident, Jangirabad Police of District Bulandshahar of Uttar Pradesh arrested a Love Couple because they had approached the police station and senior officials for protection. The boy, Pradeep, has been sent to jail in Bulandshahar. Even the learned Magistrate was neither informed of the marriage by the police nor was the boy allowed to speak. The girl who has been made minor despite her educational certificates showing as major and sent to Naari Niketan and is lodged at Laxmi alap aavas, near Sarafa Bazaar, Mazid Wali Gali Ke Same, Gulavathi, on the border of District Gaziabad and Bulandshahar.

Their Marriage has been duly registered by the Additional District Megistrate, North Delhi on 24-Jul-2014. The wife was born on 08-May-1996 and was over 18 years of age on the date of marriage and subsequent registration. Even today online verification of date of birth at NIC is confirming that she is a major.

Here is the link:
Year: 2011
Roll No.: 0465282

It is shocking that the police took copies of marriage documents whereas they have no right in the law whatsoever to seek evidence of any marriage as per standing directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Relevant parts of the directions are quoted in our communication to the authorities dated 20-Jul-2014 after the victim girl Kirti called Love Commandos Helpline 09313784375/ 09313550006 and sought help fearing killing in the name of so called honour.

It is shocking that the police first leaked out the information of the raid for rescue resulting into moving the girl to District Gaziabad by her relatives with the motive of killing her in the name of so called honour and then conducted raid after pressure from senior officials and has now criminally transpired again with the casteist elements for reasons of financial considerations etc. best known to them.

No statement of the girl was recorded before any Magistrate and she was sent to the Naari Niketan on the orders of a police official, who has no discretion or power to do so. Detailed medical examination of the girl was got done forcibly to add charges of Rape on the husband whereas the girl is still insisting on going to her husband and it was after her cries and shouts that she will not go to her parental home, where the polce were forcing to send her, as she may be killed by her caste-minded relatives, she was sent to Naari Niketan and not allowed to go to her in laws.

The Union Home Ministry had already directed the state Chief Secretary and DGP to provide protection to the Love Couple and the family of the boy/husband, but arrogant Bulandshahar police did not bother at all and instead of protecting the couple, arrested the couple in different forms.

LOVE COMMANDOS DEMANDS SUSPENSION AND ARREST OF RESPONSIBLE AND SUPERVISORY OFFICIALS AND REGISTRAtION OF CASE AGAINST THEM for committing contempt of the directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, Allahabad High Court, Parliament of India, Infringing fundamental Constitutional Rights, Violating Human Rights, Unlawfully detaining both, Falsely Fabricating cases against them etc.

Love Commandos also demands a high level enquiry into the role of Bulandshahar police.

Harsh Malhotra
Chief Co-ordinator

HELPLINE: 09313784375 / 09313550006
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Skype: lovecommandos


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