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Dear friend, here are our account details for believers of love.
You may please help us by giving us whatever contribution you can.

#LoveCommandos needs immediate financial help from believers of love.

Contribute to Love Commandos

Name       : Sanjoy Sachdev
Bank       : Bank of India
Branch     : Panchsheel, New Delhi
Account No.: 602210100022015
IFSC Code  : BKID0006022
Name       : Harsh Malhotra and Nidhi Malhotra
Bank       : Jammu and Kashmir Bank
Branch     : Rajindra Place, Delhi
Account No.: 0206040100005636
Name       : Harsh Malhotra
Bank       : Paytm Payments Bank
Branch     : Noida
Account No.: 919313550006
IFSC Code  : PYTM0123456


Donors sending contribution through bank transfer or through Paytm are requested to send an email to regarding their contribution.

Scan Paytm code to contribute to Love Commandos
 Paytm 9313550006
Even small amounts are welcome. You can directly send money to our Helpline Mobile number: 9313550006
For larger amounts, please transfer directly to our bank accounts or use PayPal.

Love Commandos - Paypal-Send-Payment
Note: While sending us money through PayPal, please do not change the “Purpose” which has already been selected there.

Put an end to forced marriage now!

Link : click here
Goal: $ 8,000
Note from the fundraiser, Samia Hoque: Donations go 100% to Love Commandos, to the vulnerable women and young couples, and into providing basic needs like shelter, security and food.

Shop & Help Us

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Buy products that you like and the sellers will contribute a portion of the sales to Love Commandos.

Donate to Love Commandos Charity
The Global Fundraise
Link : click here
If you believe in love and love marriages then Please donate to our Charity to help these threatened lovers and help them to get married.

Contribute to our money pot ! Money Pot
Link : click here
Help lovers in distress as lives of thousands of lovers are under threat in India.
Love begets love and let us all unitedly support Mission Love.

Thanks and Regards

Team Love Commandos


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