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LOVEBIRDS rebel lovers in India | 25-Jul-2012

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Some documentaries look like made-up stories just because it is difficult, very difficult for the imagination exceeds reality. And what better argument of a thwarted love to tell a story? To keep the audience stuck to the pages of a book, the chair of a theater or a cinema screen or a TV? Doc3 takes you by the hand to discover stories that are so real that it seems fake, stories of contemporary India, where the difference of caste, religion or wealth, love is thwarted, the lovers, the “lovebirds” are hunted and persecuted , often with real murders. Stories of people who want to be together, want to decide who to love beyond the traditions and conventions. Modern Romeo and Juliet modern fleeing across all over India to be able to finally find peace and a nest to crown their dream of love. But these modern heroes are not alone, there is in fact an organization, the “Love Commandos” who helps them, who wants to enforce their rights (in India was in fact abolished the prohibition of marriage between different castes) that hides them and gives economic aid and legal services.




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