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Battlefield Love

Battlefield Love
by Deepak Chaturvedi at Eye of Shiva Films | Jan-2012


Love can be a life-saver and it can also kill you.
The latter is quite literally true of contemporary India. The Indian social milieu today is obsessed with love.
It is the dominant theme in all of popular culture, especially cinema. Love isn’t just an affair between two individuals or even families. It is a community matter. Tradition, morality, caste, religion, class, honor – all have gotten mixed with love. The churn is definitely on. Add to it, the aspirations of the young and the restless in post-reform “free market” India. The result – honor killings, honor kidnappings, honor rapes! There are many “Indias” within India; it seems, in one India, there’s nothing honorable left about honor itself!
It is in this battlefield of love that the film locates itself. This extended trailer/work in progress sets up the premise of the film and also gives an insight into some of the character spaces.

This extended trailer (approx duration 15 min) sets up both the theme and the premise of the film. It also offers an insight into the character spaces and the some of the stylistic elements proposed to be used in the final film.

This video has been filmed and edited by: Deepak Chaturvedi, Eye of Siva Films



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