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Watch Mr. Sanjoy Sachdev on the TV show, Satyamev Jayate, telecast on 03-Jun-2012.


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Intolerance To Love
Episode 05: Is Love A Crime?

The simple act of falling in love opens up a world of emotions and reactions which sometimes culminate in crime – the death of the couple. Even if they escape death, lovers who go against religious and community barriers still have to face harassment and censure from society and, due to this pressure, rejection from their families. But the law is clear, that consenting adults are free to marry. And there is an organization which protects couples, helps them fight harassment and gives them shelter so they can marry freely.


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LOVEBIRDS | Battlefield Love





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  1. Hi Sir,

    I respect to ur work. U r realy doing very honourable job to assist the lover. I feel that  u r truely the guy who can change the thinking of our old generation.

    So sir, keep it up…………………

    Thanks & Regards,


  2. Sir,

    What you are doing is really a divine work and I pray to god that.

    You be successful in all your good works.

    I will contribute as soon as I start to earn.

    God Bless You And All The Best

  3. Hello Sir,

    I really salute you. you are doing great job. God bless you all people who is working hard to prevent honor killings in society.

  4. hats off to u..seriously a salute to you guys…i saw u on satyamev jayate and was totally amazed that such an organisation exist in our country…you are doing a great job…ONE OF THE MOST NOBLE JOB ON EARTH…

    saurabh kumar singh

  5. Hello sir 
    i am felling very Glad to write to you.
    I am Doing Mtech In computer Science From IIT Bombay.
    I haven’t seen any of IITian against Love Marriages, we all believe that we all together makes society, If we respect Love then we will defiantly make a Society in which love will not be Treated as a crime but as a Essential part of life.

    you are Doing A great Job.,.,GOD bless you with all haplessness in life  .,.,Long Live Love

  6. Very impressed with your work, Mr. Sachdev. I think every married couple should make a contribution to Love Commandos on their wedding anniversary/valentine’s day or some such occasion. I know my wife and I will.  

  7. Sir,

    U r really doing a great job , hats off to u , really dis is very admirable as u n ur volunteers r doing such a excellent job for the existence of the most b’ful emotion of mankind.


    Abhilasha Rajwania

  8. sir,

    its great to see such a great supporter of love in this current scenario. i hope that youth lyk us will definately be safeguarded from ur end in the present as well as future too…

    thank u so much sir

    ur level of energy gives us the energy to fight more and more for our relation.

    i salute u

  9. Great Sir,

    I liked your energy level of serving love birds.

    Would definitely like to talk to you sometime.


    Sunil Kumar

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