On the 7th day of the 7th month, Love Commandos shall complete 7 years of non-stop 24×7 working for the cause of Mission Love and saving the lives of love couples.
7वें महीने के 7वें दिन लव कमांडोज़ मिशन लव के 7 साल पूरे करेंगे – बिना रुके, दिन-रात, 24 घंटे प्रेमी-प्रेमिकाओं की मदद और सहायता करते हुए.


“ZINDAGI” “सम्मान की बलि” | Sadhna Prime News – 2016-04-24

Sadhna Prime News
– Published on Apr 24, 2016

A very intense program on Honour Killing in India, or as mentioned in the program, Horror Killing. The discussion begins with Mehwish narrating her tragic story and telling how Mr. Sanjoy Sachdev, Chairman Love Commandos came to her rescue.

Love Commandos – pilote | Spicy Motion Production

Spicy Motion Production
– Published on Sep 26, 2015

S’aimer au-delà des conventions sociales et de la religion en Inde est un combat. Les amants qui défient leurs familles et les chefs des villages s’exposent à la violence et à la mort. Une organisation indépendante indienne: les Love Commandos, vient à leur secours.
Réalisation: Nicolas Renault/Gaël Corrignan.

(To love beyond social conventions and religion in India is a struggle. The lovers who defy their families and village leaders are exposed to violence and death. An Indian independent organization: the Love Commandos, comes to their rescue.)
(Director: Nicolas Renault / Gaël Corrignan.)

Love Commandos with VSAJ | Vishwank SAJ – 2015-07-07

Love Commandos with VSAJ | Vishwank SAJ
– Published on Jul 07, 2015

Path of love is often difficult for many. Caste, creed, religion, family status, everything is bar in Indian context. But a group of sensitive citizens stood up to protect lovers who dare to cross such boundaries. Yes, Love Commandos is a voluntary organization, which has emerged as a saviour for lovers in need. Be it providing shelter, security or monetary help, Love Commandos help the love birds in need in all ways possible. Servings the cupids Love Commandos completed 5 years on 7th July 2015. This is an interaction with Love Commandos brought to you by VSAJ,


India: Love on the Run by Channel4 | Anninos Ch – 2014-03-10

Unreported World S20E08 | India: Love on the Run
– Published on Mar 10, 2014


Love Commandos by Freishia B | Whack – 2015-03-19

Love Commandos by Freishia B | Whack
– Published on Mar 19, 2015


Mission Love – 2013-03-12

Mission Love – 2013-03-12
– Published on Mar 13, 2013


Love Commandos to the rescue of lovers

Love Commandos to the rescue of lovers | Tanya Krishna
– Published on Feb 16, 2013

Love in India is considered a crime and it becomes a greater sin if the lovers are from two different religion or community. There are countless of couples who fall in love with the people they are not supposed to be with. This sometimes results in hurting the religious sentiments of the family who ultimately lands up killing their own children in the name of honor of the family; The very same family who at some point would have said that they can do whatever for their kids and would have promised their kids to be by their side in every ups and downs of their life. Love Commandos is an NGO which caters to such couples who elope from their home to lead a life with love and people who really love them. They give them shelter and security and fulfill their daily requirements till the time the couple is not confident enough to go out and settle peacefully and without the fear of being killed.


A Hungarian Documentary

On The Spot – Harcosok – Love Commandos
– Published on Feb 09, 2013 [ Facebook ]


Samay Live TV Channel reporting on Love Commandos

अंजना के आंसू – Samay Live
– Published on Feb 07, 2013 [ YouTube ]

A shocking story from Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Sahara Samay Reports on a rescue of Love Commandos.


16:9 Global News TV Channel reporting on Love Commandos

Love Commandos
– Published on Feb 02, 2013 [ YouTube ]

In traditional India, many young couples face a devastating choice: Live apart, or die together. But now there’s someone couples in danger can call for help. They’re called “Love Commandos” and they may be the difference between life and death of young lovers.


NewsX TV Channel reporting on Love Commandos – Part 1

Love Warriors – 1 of 2 – NewsX
– Published on Oct 19, 2012 [ YouTube ]


NewsX TV Channel reporting on Love Commandos – Part 2

Love Warriors – 2 of 2 – NewsX
– Published on Oct 19, 2012 [ YouTube ]


A Hungarian Documentary – about: Sanjay Thakur and Arti Kashyap

On The Spot – Harcosok – Love Commandos
– Published on Sep 25, 2012 [ Facebook ]


Voice of our Mission Love


मुझे खाप से बचाओ (Lang: Hindi) (Samay Live News)


Love Commandos: Helpline for couples in love (IBNLive.com)


DELHI AP LOVERS Anitha Reddy & Mujahid (Lang: Telugu)


Deserted lovers approach love commandos


Lovebirds seeks Love Commando force for protection (Lang: ) (www.snehatv.com)



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