Candles for Change – Friday, March 8, 2019, join us as we Honor the Persecuted and Shine Light on Injustice in a Worldwide Honor Killing Candlelight Vigil.


Numbers: 09313784375 & 09313550006
WhatsApp: 9311050004

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Love Commandos is a voluntary organization in India dedicated to helping India’s lovebirds who want to marry for love. We provide assistance in protecting couples, helping them fight harassment and giving them shelter so they can marry freely.

Mr. Sanjoy Sachdev
Mr. Harsh Malhotra
Chief Co-Ordinator

प्यार करना पाप नहीं, विरोधी हमारा बाप नहीं

Helpline Numbers: 09313784375, 09313550006
WhatsApp: 9311050004

12 Lines: These numbers ring at 12 places. If you hear a busy tone or waiting tone, please do not disconnect. You will automatically get diverted to one of the free lines. It may take some time. Please have patience.



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09313784375 [ from outside India: +91.9313784375 ]
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Here you can post comments and share your concerns if honour killings disturb you.

You can also give ideas and suggestions of how you can help and contribute.

NOTE: Replies to all posts are given on their respective emails for the reason of further security of the Love Couples. However, when email addresses are not correct, replies are posted here. Please keep checking your emails (inbox / spam box / junk folder).


Helpline — 2,466 Comments

  1. Hi.. my name is Bharti Chawla.. I was working in Pune and I fell in love with a person there… its been a year now and we both want to marry each other… His family met me and they are totally happy with it…. but when I told my family that I want to marry him they came to Pune without any prior information and took me home saying that they will discuss about it when I’ll be home for a few days… trusting that they are parents they will understand, I went home telling my partner that I’ll be back in 3-4 days… but unfortunately my family lied all that.. they had already planned to not to allow me to go back .. they tried all tantrums like emotional blackmailing, beating me and forcefully keeping me at home… when i asked the reason that what’s the problem with the guy they had no definite reason and simply blamed the guy that he has done some black magic on me, he is not a good man… without any proof they keep blaming him sometimes saying black magic sometimes that he is divorced… they took away my phone, I had to suddenly leave my job.. when my friends tried to contact me through my parents they didn’t even allowed them to reach to me… they left me all alone in a room with nobody talking to me… all this continued till 4 months… I stuck to my decision and stopped talking to everybody going in depression…. Seeing all this they returned my phone back, suddenly one day when some strange outsider asked them to do so… a month is about to over since I have my phone I am in contact with the guy now… we don’t want to run away or go against everybody… We very seriously want to convince everyone and do everything happily…. But there is still no response from my family, they never come and discuss things with me so I can make them understand… Even if I try to go and talk to them I have no clue how will they react, maybe they take back my phone again saying as always k wo ladka tmhe bhadkata h……. we r really confused what to do now… please suggest me something that I can do to make things better

  2. Hello sir,

    My name is Ravi, me n my girlfriend are in relationship from 2014. We have registered at marriage court and the date given by them is 11th June. Her family members have send her to Rajasthan. its been more than 15 days she didn’t call me. Could you please suggest me what to do.

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