On the 7th day of the 7th month, Love Commandos shall complete 7 years of non-stop 24×7 working for the cause of Mission Love and saving the lives of love couples.
7वें महीने के 7वें दिन लव कमांडोज़ मिशन लव के 7 साल पूरे करेंगे – बिना रुके, दिन-रात, 24 घंटे प्रेमी-प्रेमिकाओं की मदद और सहायता करते हुए.

Vote for Love Commandos

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The only national voluntary network to help love birds.
HELPLINE: 00 91 9313784375 / 9313550006

New Delhi – 7th February, 2016



Vote for Love Commandos

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Because every heart is full of love …..

Because love shall blossom, conquer and rule the world one day …..

And there shall be no hatred and it would be universal peace.

VOTE FOR US and strengthen our efforts in saving lives of thousands and thousands of Indian boys and girls in love and desiring to marry with choice without bars of race, religion, caste or creed.

And to provide them free shelter, food, emergency help till their lives are fully safe …..

Because love is not a crime – it is nature …..

VOTE For LOVE COMMANDOS to say no to violence including killings in the name of so called honour.

All believers of love in the world are looking forward to your VOTE For LOVE COMMANDOS.

And thanks to ALL STAR SLOTS, an  award winning organisation from CANADA for shortlisting us amongst eight organisations throughout the world.

Don’t Waste Time, DO VOTE For LOVE COMMANDOS .. NOW !!

Please visit https://www.allstarslots.com/competitions/win-the-jackpot/ and vote for Love Commandos.

Voting starts on: Monday, 08-Feb-2016

Sanjoy Sachdev

Email: team@lovecommandos.org, info@lovecommandos.org, helpline@lovecommandos.org
HELPLINE: 09313784375 / 09313550006
Website: www.LoveCommandos.org
Twitter: lovecommandosin
Skype: lovecommandos

Facebook: info@lovecommandos.org
Skype: lovecommandos


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