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Love Commandos is a voluntary organization in India dedicated to helping India’s lovebirds who want to marry for love. We provide assistance in protecting couples, helping them fight harassment and giving them shelter so they can marry freely.

Mr. Sanjoy Sachdev
Mr. Harsh Malhotra
Chief Co-Ordinator

प्यार करना पाप नहीं, विरोधी हमारा बाप नहीं

Helpline Numbers: 09313784375, 09313550006
WhatsApp: 9311050004

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Here you can post comments and share your concerns if honour killings disturb you.

You can also give ideas and suggestions of how you can help and contribute.

NOTE: Replies to all posts are given on their respective emails for the reason of further security of the Love Couples. However, when email addresses are not correct, replies are posted here. Please keep checking your emails (inbox / spam box / junk folder).


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  1. Hellow, sir or madam,
    I m from Bangladesh. But my husbend is an Indian. We love each other from 2017 June.
    But my husband’s family did not accept me. That’s why we have registered court marrige April 2018. But both of our family don’t know about that. But now he is in USA for his job and don’t contact with me. He decided to give me divorce secretly and will marry again with girl chosen by his mom.
    I need help so badly. I have no known person or relative in Kolkata. I love him so much. He block me from every social media, change his phone number, block my mail id. Can I have any help from Love Commandos.

  2. Sir, me and my gf was getting married. but her family was against me. we are now 23. registree was done. but family was creating pressure. how to solve this proble

  3. Hi sir.. plz hlp me.. sir me aur mere bf husbnd wife k jese rehte h love krte h.. bas hume shaadi karna h bt muje akeli ghr se jana allow nhi h, mere ghr wale agree nhi h.. humari age bhi 23 nd 26 tk h.. so can i email uh.. or contct with uh by watsap.. plz sir.. muje apki advice chahye

  4. To
    Team Love Commandos
    main aapki team me apni city me love couple ke liye aapse join hona chahta hoon, kripya Shahjahanpur me kaafi jyada love couple ki ghatna samne aa rahi hain, aaye din koi na koi matter ho rahe hai, main chahta hoon ki apni city se hi suruaat ki jaye to ye matter hi na hon (ghatnayen kam ho), please sir mujhe batayen main kaise aur kya karun love couple ke liye,
    mera number ########## hai

  5. Hello Love Commandos
    Sir meri gf mujse pyar karti he, halaki vo mujse kafi dur he, hamari caste bhi alag he, ham dono ki age 19 he, kya ham dono 20 ki age me shaadi nhi kar sakte, family nhi manegi or court marriage bhi 21 ki age me hogi to hame kya karna chhahiye

    • Dear Jigar

      हम आपकी प्रेम की भावना की कद्र करते हैं. आपको समझना होगा कि अभी आपकी उम्र केवल 19 वर्ष है और क़ानून के मुताबिक लड़के की उम्र 21 या उस से अधिक होनी चाहिए शादी के लिए. हाँलाकि लडकी की उम्र 19 वर्ष है परन्तु क़ानून आपको अभी इजाज़त नही देता है शादी के लिए. आपको 21 की उम्र का होने तक प्रतीक्षा करनी होगी. इस दौरान अगर आप दोंनो के घरवाले आप दोंनो में से किसी के भी जबरन शादी करवाना चाहें तो आप हमें सूचित कर सकते हैं. उस समय उन के खिलाफ कानूनी कार्यवाही करने की आवश्यकता होगी. तब तक के लिए आप दोंनो के प्रेम के लिए शुभकामनाएँ.

      We appreciate the feelings of love. You should understand that your age is below 21 and as per law you are not of marriageable age. Although she is 19 years old but you need to wait till you are 21 plus. In the meanwhile if parents of anyone attempt to forcibly marry the boy or girl, please feel free to contact us. A legal action would need to be taken at that time. Best wishes for your committed love till that time.

      Please visit the FAQ page at and ensure that you fulfill all requirements for marriage.

      Team Love Commandos

  6. सर मेरा नाम रूपेंद्र है, मैं एक लड़की से प्यार करता हूँ और लड़की भी मुझसे प्यार करती है पर उसके घर वाले हमारी शादी के लिए नहीं मान रहे हैं, लड़की की उम्र 20 साल है और मेरी उम्र 23 साल है, मैंने सादी की बात करने के लिए लड़की के घर अपने पापा को भी भेजा पर लड़की के घर वालों ने उनकी बेज्जती कर दी और वापस भेज दिया.
    सर आपको बताना चाहता हूँ की लड़की अभी बी ए 3 में है पर उसके घर वालो ने उसे घर भेज दिया है और पढाई भी नहीं करने दे रहे हैं, उसका फोन भी छीन लिया है और अब तो उस से बात भी नहीं हो पा रही है, हम पिछले 4 साल से एक दूसरे से बात करते हैं, मुझे कुछ समझ नहीं आ रहा है, मैं अब क्या करूँ, पता नहीं सर किस हाल में होगी वो,
    आपसे मेरी गुजारिस है की हमारी हेल्प करें.
    उसके घर वाले उसे मेरी वजह से बहुत रुलाते हैं सर

  7. Sir
    mera naam Sandeep hai, main jisse pyar krta huna uska naam Pooja hai, hum dono ek dusre se bahut phar karte hai, hum ek dusre ko char saal se jante hai or pyar krte hai, mere ghar wale meri shaadi ke liye raaji hai pr Pooja ke ghar wale nahi kyun ki hum alag jaati ke hai. hum dono ek dusre se alag nahi rha sakte. Pooja ke parirwar walon ko pta chal gya or fir Pooja ko unnke parirwar walo ne gaon, Bihar leke chale gaye pr hum phone pr baat krte hai, wanha pr Pooja ko jail ke kaidiyon ki tarha rakhte. hum dono ek dusre se shaadi karna chahate hai, Pooja ke parirwar wale Pooja ki shaadi jabjasti kisi or se kr rhe hai, sir please hmari help kro please sir

  8. hello sir,
    Myself Dolly (Shivani Rao) and my lover Ravi, we both are in love since 5 years.. because of caste my parents are not accepting him.. can you please help us

  9. Sir,
    I am 17 years old and my love she is 17 years old, but uske ghar balo ne shaadi koi ourr ladke se karwana chahte hai, aurr o mere bina nahi jeena chayte he… ma bhi ussa bina nahi jeena chayte hu….. plz help us save our life…. maa kya karu kuch samaj nahi aaaa raha…

    • Dear Rohan Sarkar

      We appreciate the feelings of love. Since both of you are 17 years old, both of you are minors and not of marriageable age. Even though she will turn 18 soon, both of you need to wait until you are over 21 years old. In the meanwhile if parents of anyone attempt to forcibly marry the boy or girl, please feel free to contact us. A legal action would need to be taken at that time. Best wishes for your committed love till that time.

      हम आपकी प्रेम की भावना की कद्र करते हैं. जैसा कि आपने लिखा है कि आप दोनों की उम्र 17 बर्ष है तो इस हिसाब से आप दोनों ही नाबालिग़ हो और अभी शादी नहीं कर सकते हो. हालाँकि लड़की कुछ ही समय बाद 18 वर्ष की हो जाएगी परन्तु आप दोनों को आपके 21 वर्ष की उम्र होने तक प्रतीक्षा करनी होगी. इस दौरान अगर आप दोंनो के घरवाले आप दोंनो में से किसी के भी जबरन शादी करवाना चाहें तो आप हमें सूचित कर सकते हैं. उस समय उन के खिलाफ कानूनी कार्यवाही करने की आवश्यकता होगी. तब तक के लिए आप दोंनो के प्रेम के लिए शुभकामनाएँ.

      Please visit the FAQ page at and ensure that you fulfill all requirements for marriage.

      Team Love Commandos

  10. me apni tarf se Love Commandos ki help krna chahta hu qki Love Commandos neck kaam kr rhe hai or me bhi is neck kaam me Love Commandos ki mdt krna chahta hu ( or me Hindu hu, bhartiy hu, to meri matr bhasha Hindi hai, is liye me Hindi me likhna krta hu, koi glti ki ho to mafi chahta hu sir )

  11. Hello sir, name Dheeraj, Ujjain se, my wife, no gf, matlab jub se wo mili thi tub se apni wife manta hu, wife name Rupali Sharma, Ujjain se hi, uske gar wale man nai re hai, m chahta use baga kr le jata par m uske mami se dur nai krna chahta, islea ab man nai re hai, usko gar k andar ked kr dea hai, use bhutt dra re hai, dmka re hai, agr use shaadi kr li lashe bicha dunga, dono ko talwar se catt dalunga, aahi damki use di, bhutt torchar kr dea ladki ko, usne mera saath dea, uski halth bhutt krb kr di, plzzz sirr halp, humri relenship 3 year ho gye, mob. ##########, plzzzz sirrrr

    hum dono ki job hai. ladki k gar walo n job par jana band krwa dea, sir plzz help me

  12. Sir please help me. my name is Pankaj Kumar and I love in with a special person, she love me but.. Sir uske ghar wale uski shaadi kisi aur se kara rahe hai, date bhi rakh di, hum dono ko help ki bhut jarurat hai, hum logo ki madad karne wala koi nhi hai.. plz help me.. ########## ye mera no hai. koi rasta batiye. plz.. hum log UP me Basti zile ke hai….

  13. dear sir …
    really I don’t no about your show ..
    but I need help ..
    my name is Virender and I love a girl, her name is Ruchika..
    humari caste same nhi h or hum same village se belong krte h, ye Delhi me Okhla metro Harkesh Nagar naam se h …
    me hu Saini or wo hai Parjapati …
    hum ek dusre se bht pyaar krte hai but humari family ki kuch problems hai jinki wajha se wo log humko shaadi ke lie allow nhi kr rahe, unka manna h ki apni caste me shaadi kr wrna ghr or jaydad se bedhakhal kr denge…
    sir me ek undergraduate student hu B.A stream se …
    or me apni life ko new way se start krna chahta hu sir ..
    kyuki sir Ruchika bi abi undergraduate hai, to uski padhai bi dekhni h mere ko..
    now humne ye ghar chhodne ka fesla kia hai 10 July ko ..
    hum Gurgao me flt raint p lekr rhna chah re h or me wahi job bi krunga or Ruchika bi job kregi …
    sir jaada ghuma firata nhi hu m sidha sidha btata hu ..
    humko first 2 month finecil problem aaegi, sir me koi jaada amount ki nhi bol ra just 50k only or ye bi hum log aapko job lagte hi first salry se return krna suru kr denge sir ..
    kabi kisi ke aage haath nhi felaya sir but aaj bht need h, socha aapse share kr lu, agr aap help nhi bi kr paaenge to koi baat nhi .. thanks sir for reading my request…
    my mobile number if ur able for my help – ##########

  14. sir mai v kisi se pyar krta hu lekin uske fmly wale ni mann rhe h .. to .. plzz sir mujhe v aapka group join krna h … plzz sir help me … aaphi ak umid ho…

  15. Hello sir

    mera nam Nitesh hai, main Bahadurgarh me rhta hu. zindgi me kbhi kbhi aisa mod ata hai jaha pe hme smjh hi nahi aata kya karna chahiye or kya nahi, aisa hi mod meri life me bhi aya hua hai, smjh hi nahi aata is problme ko shortout kaise kru, mene Sonali se court marriage kar li, ye bat 30/8/17 ki hai, us time Sonali collage me jati thi, uske kuch month hi baki the collage ke is liye hmne court marriage kar li taki sahi time aane pe hm apne ghar walo ko bta denge or sayad chamtkar ho jaye or dekho ho gya chamtkar, mere ghar walo ko kuch time ke bad pta chal gya or mere ko toda punish bhi kiya or kaha gya us ladki ko bhul jao, ab bat ye hai mere ghar walo ki trfe se to na ho gyi, abhi Sonali ke ghar walo ko pta nhi hai, sir bhot bar apne ghar walo ko smjhane ki kosis ki lekin koi faida nahi hua, m us ladki ko bhi nahi chhod skta kr, na apne ghar walo ke bina rh skta, smjh nhi aata kya kru, socha nikal lu is duniya se, try bhi kiya pr promise kiya tha shaadi ke time kaisi bhi sitchvation ho m hu or m kya krne chla tha, sir mere sath koi nahi hai, bilkul akela ho gya, mujhe nahi pta aage kya hoga, Sonali ke ghar vale kaisa react krenge i don’t know but i want. sir m koi ldai nhi chahta, ye bat Sonali ke privar wale bhi smjhe or mere bhi, pta nahi kya kru, sir please help me

  16. my name is Jenifer. i am living in Chennai, India. my parents are opposing to marry my loved one. am affected by this issue and make me upset each and everyday. what are the solutions to convey my parents?

  17. Dear sir i want help

    We are love to each other, girl are S.C. caste & i m carpenter
    Her parants are will not ready for this, please save as life, If you guys can help us marry I would be very thankful to you… I

  18. Sir mera naam Rahul hai, me sir Kakua, Agra ka rahne wala ho, sir mere ghar wale mere shaadi mere pasda ki ladki see nahi kra rahe hai sir, naa he ladki ki ghar wale, mere ghar walo ne mere par hat odaya tha, ladki ki ghar walo ne bhi ladki bahut mara tha, sir mere see phone bhi li liya gya hai tu me aap pl at call nahi kar sakta, mere ghar walo ne mere ko ghar see bhi bahar jana bhi bad kar deya hai, sir ham ek dusre see bahut piyar karta hai, sir par ek bat hai ladki ki age kam hai
    Sorry sir agar koi galte ho gaye ho, sir me aap see phone par bat karoga

  19. Ye Love Commando vgera sab fake hai, koi help nhi karta payar karne walo ki… aap log hi socho agr inko aap ki help karni hoti to ye aapge massage ka jawab nhi dete?
    mene bhi inko ek bar call kiya tha but jo response inse mila usse mujhe nhi lagta ye kisi ki help karna bhi chahte hai, sab natak karte hai bas…
    bhagwan ke liye bechare payar karne walo ko bharose par mat rakho.

    • Hello

      First of all, our records do not show any email from your email address b*****j****d****

      Can you tell when did you contact us, sought help and what happened then?

      Those who seek help from us have to comply with the procedure mentioned on the FAQ page of our website:
      Please visit the FAQ page and update your knowledge that we can only help those who fulfill all requirements for marriage.

      Every case has a different scenario. Practical help is done on each case basis.

      Please do not use words to defame Mission Love.

      Team Love Commandos

  20. Dear Sir,
    I am 23 years of age. Though i have not found a partner for myself, my parents are forcing to get into an arranged marriage. They had started searching for the groom right after i crossed 18 years of my. I was clear to them to let me finish my studies but everything in vain. No emotional support in leading life but my life is getting tougher day by day because of them. I can’t even contact any NGOs or file a complaint because first thing they do is family counselling & i don’t want to face that nightmare, which will become reality.

  21. Hello sir !
    I am Shaili, I am 22 yes old, I have completed my graduation (Engg) and fallen in love with my senior. He loves me the same. We were the happiest couple amongst us. But my family got to know about my love. My boyfriend is Muslim. As soon as they got to know they fixed my marriage with a guy who is 8 years older than me just because he earns a lot and lives in Pune. My boyfriend is in Banglore in job. His father has warned him to stay away from me but from past 3 months we are trying to figure out how to stay together. Couldn’t come up with successful plans. Every plan we make leads to something massive that our family members will kill us. The Hindu-Muslim thing is making this difficult. My family members are forcing this marriage on me. I didn’t even said yes but they already arranged everything and forcing me to talk to the guy who said yes for the marriage. My dad is a person who can even kill me if his reputation goes down in front of the family members. We are unable to run because my boyfriend will be arrested for making me run from house and i want to marry him and live with him. I am from Raipur, Chhattisgarh. We have gone through all the human rights and laws but somehow couldn’t figure out things. Please help me sir. My engagement is being fixed on 6th July, 2018 and i don’t want to get engaged.

  22. Dear Love Commandos,

    kya ap mujhe ek baat ka answer da skt ha ki pyar kar na paap ha.
    kyu aj bhi pyar ka naam pa honor killing ho rhi ha, kyu aj bhi pyar ka naam pa suicide ho rhi ha, kyu aj bhi pyar karna paap manta ha, bhagwan Krishna na bhi to pyar kiya tha fir vo paap nhi tha, ma ya nhi bol rha ki har koi ek jaise ha. ya samaj kab samjhe ki jaise hum pyar karta jaise achi tarha samjhe ta ha jaise hum apni dil ki baat bol skt ha, uska sath life achi ya fir ek esa person ka sath life achi ha jaise hum nhi janta ha, us hum shaadi kar la uar jab agar ghr wala ki pasand ka ladka/ladki thik nhi hoti to fir ya hi samaj bolo ta ha ki kismat hi kharab ha kya kar. fir kaha chal jata ha ya samaj. har baat ka liya candle march nikal jata, har baat ka liya protest kiya jata. iska liya koi nhi aata kyuuu

    sir ji ek bar protest/ ya fir candle march nikalo, hum to apna pyar nhi mile sub ko to mile

    pls agar ek bar soch na

    sorry agar kuch glt bolo ho to

  23. Hlw Love Commandos, I am Bipradip from West Bengal.. my beloved is Sarabita from Domjur… she is 19+ of age and her 2nd year Honours exam is going on… I am pursuing B Tech 3rd year.. her father has fixed her marriage with someone else … but Sarabita wants to continue her study and then marry me… can you please help me saving our love?
    Groom’s family is coming today to meet her in her house.. please suggest something as soon as possible
    Please suggest me something… I had heard of u people in news that’s why I am begging for your help

  24. Sir, I am from Bihar. I am in love with someone who is not of my caste. I want to marry him but my parents are not ready for this. And I want to complete my study but there is no freedom in my life. wo mujhe class nhi krne dete but sirf exam dene dte h or mujhe ghar pe hi rkhte h. hm kya kre sir plzzz help me… mai apni study complete krna chahti hu but parents shaadi krwana chahte h dusre larke se..

  25. Dear Sir,
    Please help, My gf is going to brk up with me due to intercaste for her parents happiness… What can I do, I don’t understand… No one supporting me… i want to provide a social message about intercaste marriage at Noamundi, Jharkhand…

  26. Hi,

    I am a boy from Patna, Bihar, in relationship with my girlfriend from last 5 years. The girl is from my neighborhood and our family shared a good relation between each other until they came to know that we are in love and i talk to their daughter daily. I recently started working in Bangalore after completing my B.E. Without understanding anything, they are just cursing her, forcing her and emotionally blackmailing her from last 1 week now. No one is willing to listen anything, and there is not much caste difference also, as i am from Baniya and she is from Sonar community and we share the same level in society. Lastly, pre-assumming this kind of situation, we married each other in Registrar office in Patna last year without telling anyone. We have not told them also that we have got married thereafter as we are thinking to do everything happily by convincing our families but it seems that they are not ready to listen anything even though i am good and they know it better. Her family is planning to hold a meeting or something after calling me to Patna and forcing me to leave her. But i cannot leave her at any cost as she is priceless to me. I just want to convince them without telling that we are already married to each other. Please suggest.

  27. Hi, my story is similar to Bharti Chawla… My gf was taken back in a similar fashion…. V both love each other…. She is from Haryana a Gujjar and I am a Brahmin… If you guys can help us marry I would be very thankful to you… I convinced my parents but her parents totally Orthodox…. I would be happy if u can help us… Both of us are financially independent, over 25 yrs… Both make an handsome amount to live a luxury life…. I would also like to mention I am ready to contribute anything 10 lacs 20 lacs anything if you can make it possible without much controversies….. Do reply back

  28. Hi.. my name is Bharti Chawla.. I was working in Pune and I fell in love with a person there… its been a year now and we both want to marry each other… His family met me and they are totally happy with it…. but when I told my family that I want to marry him they came to Pune without any prior information and took me home saying that they will discuss about it when I’ll be home for a few days… trusting that they are parents they will understand, I went home telling my partner that I’ll be back in 3-4 days… but unfortunately my family lied all that.. they had already planned to not to allow me to go back .. they tried all tantrums like emotional blackmailing, beating me and forcefully keeping me at home… when i asked the reason that what’s the problem with the guy they had no definite reason and simply blamed the guy that he has done some black magic on me, he is not a good man… without any proof they keep blaming him sometimes saying black magic sometimes that he is divorced… they took away my phone, I had to suddenly leave my job.. when my friends tried to contact me through my parents they didn’t even allowed them to reach to me… they left me all alone in a room with nobody talking to me… all this continued till 4 months… I stuck to my decision and stopped talking to everybody going in depression…. Seeing all this they returned my phone back, suddenly one day when some strange outsider asked them to do so… a month is about to over since I have my phone I am in contact with the guy now… we don’t want to run away or go against everybody… We very seriously want to convince everyone and do everything happily…. But there is still no response from my family, they never come and discuss things with me so I can make them understand… Even if I try to go and talk to them I have no clue how will they react, maybe they take back my phone again saying as always k wo ladka tmhe bhadkata h……. we r really confused what to do now… please suggest me something that I can do to make things better

  29. Hello sir,

    My name is Ravi, me n my girlfriend are in relationship from 2014. We have registered at marriage court and the date given by them is 11th June. Her family members have send her to Rajasthan. its been more than 15 days she didn’t call me. Could you please suggest me what to do.

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